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At GD Hospital, our expert Neurologists are dedicated to providing complete treatment to patients with Neurological disorders.

Neurologists specialize in conditions like Epilepsy, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Dementia. They employ diagnostic tests and examinations to provide complete treatment to individuals with Neurological disorders. Neurologists also focus on preventive care for neurological diseases.

They provide advice and guidance for Lifestyle changes, including Diet and Exercise, that can help reduce the risk of developing Neurological disorders. Additionally, they may provide treatments such as Medications, Therapy, or Surgery to manage existing Neurological conditions.

Our Doctors


NEUROLOGYDr. V. Sunder MCH., (Neuro Surgery)

Dr. V. Sunder, MCH., (Neuro Surgery), highly skilled and renowned Neurosurgeon, Specializes in complex surgical procedures, dedicated to providing outstanding Neurological care with Expertise and Compassion.


NEUROLOGYDr. ATS. Prabhu MD., DM., (Neuro)

Dr. ATS Prabhu, MD., DM., (Neuro), an exceptional neurologist with advanced expertise, delivers comprehensive and specialized neurological care, ensuring patient well-being and recovery.